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How much do you charge?
To see the most current rate sheet, please click here.

Are you availble 24hrs. a day?

Yes, however the rates are lower during regular business hours of 8am-5pm.

What areas do you service?
To see our service area, please click here.

My cooler stopped working. What can I check?
Always check for power first. Check to see if it is plugged in. You can test the plug if you have something else to plug into it. If it does not plug in, like air conditioning, check all your circuit breakers to make sure they are on.
If the equipment has power, check air flow. Are all the fans running and are the coils clean and not froze-up?

Do you sell used equipment?
At this time we do not sell used equipment.

Do you lease equipment?
We currently do not lease equipment, however we are in the process of setting up a leasing program for ice makers.
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